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Welcome to the Home Page of Cindy Lynn Speer

Hello, and welcome to my web page! Allow me to introduce myself...I am, as this page rather loudly proclaims, Cindy Lynn Speer. I am a writer, moderator and book reviewer. I've put together this page in order to have a place where anyone who wants to can learn more about me as a writer, and perhaps find some useful links to the craft. I hope that you enjoy your visit, and come back!


Samples of my work: Please go here to check out samples of my work. You can also find links to my book reviews and author interviews!

I am a moderator at Fiction Addiction- come visit me! This site is on the writer's digest top 101 web sites for writer's list!

The first full time reviewing job I ever received was for Gotta Write Network Online. It's a really amazing place, and growing all the time. I'm now the fantasy genre editor, and book review assistant. It was a print magazine long before it was an internet entity, and it's particularly helpful if you're trying to get promotion for your books, trying to find something to read, or trying to hone the craft. There's another site, with a similar (stolen) name, but it's not the original, and in my not-so-unbiased but honest opinion not nearly as good.

I also am a reviewer at Mostly Fiction, another really fabulous place. It has a brilliant selection of books, and the chance to win some really good books. I'm not biased....see for yourself!

My reviews can also be found at the SfSite, the Midwest Book Review, and Affaire de Couer. (the latter is print, mostly)

Come read my web journal, What I Learned in Writing This Week. I don't update it as much as I should, but I try and log down things I've learned that may be of use. And yeah, sometimes I whine. but not too much. Come sympathize with me. :-)

Agents - the place places to find information to help you on the elusive agent hunt.

Tips & Tricks - Places that offer writing advice.

Other Writers - Um....what it says. Established authors can give some great insight.

Research - links to myths, costumes and other things you need to help make your stories feel more real. It'll take you off site...not to worry. It's still me. Sort of.

Clubs and Hangouts - remember when in school people would always tell you over and over how important networking is? Get yourself out there. Learn from your peers. Make friends.

Cindy: The Bio - Yes, it's all about me. Me, me....Gad, bored all ready.

If you'd like to ask a question or make a comment, or just say hello, you can drop me a line in my guestbook Or, for more personal matters, such as a review request, click here. Good Luck!!!!

Cindy Lynn Speer.