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Mostly Fiction
For an up-to-the minute list, click on my name at the bottom of any of the reviews.  It'll take you to my bio, and the list.

American Gods, By Neil Gaiman

City of Bones, By Michael Connelly

Tales from Earthsea, By Ursula LeGuin

The Wailing Wind, By Tony Hillerman

Sharpe's Prey, by Bernard Cornwell

The Cabinet of Curiosities, By Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Wings of Fire, By Dale Brown

The Stone Monkey, By Jeffrey Deaver

Grave Secrets, By Kathy Reichs

An Accidental Woman, By Barbara Delinsky

Murder in China Red, By Dean Barrett

Wet Grave, By Barbara Hambly

A Density of Souls and The Snow Garden, by Christopher Rice

Everything's Eventual, by Stephen King

The Whole Enchilada by Charlotte Banchi

The Mocking Program by Alan Dean Foster

Sisters of the Raven by Barbara Hambly

Dear Midnight, by Marcia Muller

Point Deception, by Marcia Muller

A Body in the Bath House, by Lindsay Davis

Beyond Illusions by Duong Thu Huong

Blood Work, by Michael Connelly

The Lost Daughter Of Happiness, by Geling Yan

Kleopatra and Pharaoh, by Karen Essex

All that Lives, by Melissa Sanders-Self

Red Light and Black Water, by T. Jefferson Parker

Missing, Presumed Alive, by Garay Wasson

Up Country, by Nelson DeMille

Coming Soon!

Chasing the Dime, Micheal Connelly
Night Blooming, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Pale Horse Coming, Stephen Hunter