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Reviews for Gotta Write Network

A Shadow on the Glass, By Ian Irvine

Die Upon a Kiss, By Barbara Hambly Upon a Kiss

Panel One:  Comic Scripts by Top Writers, By Nat Gertler

The Other Wind, By Ursula LeGuin The Other Wind

Coraline, By Neil Gaiman

A Walking Tour of the Shambles, by Neil Gaiman and Gene Wolfe

Fatal, By Michael Palmer

Dead North, by Sue Henry North

Silver Scream, by Mary Daheim Scream

The Forgotten, By Faye Kellerman Forgotten

The Visitor, by Sheri S. Tepper Visitor

The Survivor's Club, by Lisa Gardener Survivors Club

The Secrets of the Painter, by Matthew Hovious

Hamlet Dreams, by Jennifer Barlow

Time for Alexander, by Jennifer Macaire for Alexander

Night Men, by Keith Snyder<a> Night Men">"> Night Men

Darkly, Darkly, by Robert Marcom

Wilding Nights, by Lee Killough

Rexcalibur and Eternity's Hope, by Mitzi Kleidon
Coming soon!

Command Performance, by Linnea Sinclaire Performance

Whalebone Junction, by Kathleen J. Stowe Junction

Black River, by G.M. Ford River

Spiral, by Denise Turney

Wet Grave, by Barbara Hambly Grave

Solitare, by Kelly Eskridge
Coming soon!

Radiant Sword, by Lee Boschen
Coming soon!

A Little Piece of Heaven, by Linda Blesser
Coming soon!