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Writing Advice
Fiction Addiction
   This place has a forum, many articles, an amazing agent list, and many other things.  There are chats, some of which are hosted by me.  :D

Words on a Wire
Author's Universe

Eclectics - writers and authors

Mystery Writer's Resources

Easy Reading Writing
    An article by Peter E. Abresch on how to write stories that are easy - as in fun - to read.

Writing World

The Writing Corner -- May be gone, but leaving to make sure.

Alicia Rasley's Writing Corner

Caelin Day's website

Career Plan for Writers, by Victory Crane

Or, You can go straight to her wonderful page, The Victory Page

About Writing:  For Writers, The Art of Writing Webzine

Common Errors in English

FAQ Advice and Answers for Readers and Aspiring Writers

Writers' Resources and Sites for Writers

Writing Fiction - Character Development

Writing Fiction

Writer's Space  (neat contests, too!)

Author's Den -- an online community you have to join.  Looks good...but I haven't joined as I haven't anything to promote.

Writer's Net -- a community and place to get information about authors, agents and editors.

Women on Writing

The Language Construction Kit -- create your own language

Tesarta Gamer's Online Resource Page -- Ideal for World Building

Fantasy Author Resource Site

Take me....

Writing Clubs